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What happens on the day of the session

On the day of the session you will receive an email from me with the link for the session.


1. In the hour before the session, I will open up the session and you will be able to click on the link.

3. A form will appear.  All you need to do is add your name and your ABF number. Then press "Login".

(If you are colour-blind you can tick the High Contrast UI.)


4. You will also get a message bubble that asks for you to allow camera and microphone. Say YES. Later you can turn off both if you are inclined.

5. You will then see the screen which has tables drawn on the left and you will see your name in the "Lobby", located in the right-bottom part of the screen.

6. You can then click on any seat and your partner can then click on the seat opposite.

7. At this point you will be able to talk with each other and your opponents.

8. Close to starting time, you will get a written announcement from the director that the session will start in a few minutes. If you are not already at your table with your partner, do so immediately by pressing on "Leave" which takes you to the Lobby and then click on the seat opposite your partner.

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