"The Quiet Club"

An ABF club for Australian players

In March 2020 when the Covid-19 virus made playing bridge face-to-face impossible, all the clubs around the world were looking for alternative ways to continue with their bridge.

"Bridgebase online" (BBO) was the strongest contender and so the Australian Bridge Association were able to negotiate an arrangement for clubs around Australia to obtain hosting rights to run online bridge using BBO.

I named my virtual club the "Quiet Club" as I was known for persisting in encouraging players to keep quiet during our bridge sessions!

Although BBO has been very good in providing everyone with a means to keep distracted from the virus, there is now another platform which will give players the opportunity to have the social contact that has been missing this year.

Hence we have this webpage to enable players to book and pay to play on the RealBridge platform.


Sue Kelso

December 2020