17th March

I have added a site member button on the opening page so that you can access all your information, especially your bookings.  You can now cancel your own booking if something stops you from playing in the next bridge session.

9th March

In three weeks all ABF clubs have to look through their membership list and remove those who do not wish to continue being members, and remove those who have died. The number of members is the basis for the fee from the ABF and the VBA.

So it is important to pay your club's annual membership fee in the next few weeks. To find out which club that you belong to, you can go to and look up your name. Then you need to pay your fee to that club OR pay it to another club and ask that club to transfer your membership.

18th February

In March when I have completed training for one of my clubs to convert to RealBridge, I would like to run a weekly session of RealBridge session to allow players to become more familiar and experienced with the platform. Over time more of our congresses, as well as state and national events are using RealBridge as it is more pleasant socially as well as more open and so providing less opportunities for cheating.

4th February

This is a message for iPad users. If you are using the App for BBO you will need to go to the Apple Store and update the App.

Some iPad users have forgotten the way to pay for sessions without incurring the extra costs from Apple, etc.  You need to use Safari and search for Bridgebase Online to get to the version that is online.  Then log in and you will see in the top right hand corner your BBO name and next to that a button saying "BB$". Once you press on that button it is self explanatory.


21st January

With lovely weather and a lot more freedom of movement I have decided to reduce my Quiet Club sessions to two sessions a week.

On Monday 2pm and Thursday 2pm

I will continue to use BBO

If you are interested in RealBridge (and the feedback has been great) I will invite players after our BBO sessions to have a go with RealBridge for a few hands in order to become familiar with the platform.  Read the info in the RealBridge tab above as well. Later in the year we will be able to have some interclub competitions using RealBridge as BBO do not have the capacity to do it.

16th January

I have reworked the page on "Once-only Setup steps" to make it easier to understand.

12th January

I have started a Questions and Answers section under RealBridge and I hope to add to it as I am asked questions.

Also I have added a RealBridge Etiquette page with some general guidelines.

5th January

Here are the 2020 ABF Masterpoint promotions that occurred last year. Well done to those who went up to the next level on the masterpoint ladder!

If you ever want to see how you are progressing, you just need to go to the ABF Masterpoint Centre site, type in your name and then press details.  You will then see when you obtained masterpoints, from which clubs and how many.

2020 ABF Promotions.JPG