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2nd April 2022

Face-to-face bridge is back to normal again, although in most clubs with fewer players.  This is probably due to cases of Covid, making good use of the autumn weather to travel, or concern about the new  variant of Omnicron.

At this point in time I will only be directing the online for the Sunday afternoon ABF event - The Nationwide Pairs - which has three categories: Novice (under 100 masterpoints), Restricted (under 300 masterpoints) and Open. I would recommend that you give it a try.  You meet a wider variety of players.  
2.30pm Sunday 24 boards BBO$3.

My advice for the moment would be to have a look at the RealBridge website and read through the settings that you need for video and audio. The program has developed a lot since we used it 16 months ago.  The initial problem for some players was that they did not do their homework and then were frustrated when their audio and video did not work when they are playing. Waverley Bridge Club and the VBA are using Real Bridge regularly.  

Enjoy our Autumn weather!



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