13th November

It would seem that the need for BBO online bridge sessions has declined dramatically over the last couple of weeks as players now have more freedom of movement.

So I will be only running one Quiet Club session and that will be on Monday afternoon at 2pm each week. 


15th October

I have just written an article in the BBO hints about how and when to make a claim.  It is a good means to catch  up some time if you are falling behind.  Nothing worse than missing out on playing the third board of a round when there are only 3 minutes on the clock (this is built into BBO).

Sitting at close quarters for three hours with not everyone being willing to wear their mask over their nose, makes me think that November will not be a good month to re-start face-to-face.  Ventilation and density limits might also delay our resumption.
Of course nothing is certain in these times.



26th September

Given that we are heading for larger Covid numbers in October, it will be a while before we will be returning to our bridge clubs.

I have just added an article in the BBO hints tab about the issue of running out of time and the consequent score adjustments.

As you are probably feeling a bit isolated in our current restricted lifestyle, I would like to suggest that you phone other bridge players with whom you have not had a chance to talk with for a while and reconnect. A simple "How are you going" would be a good place to start.

I know that it is difficult to have a long chat as there is little variation to our days.  I have been giving myself a small task or challenge each day so that I get the sense that I am achieving something, no matter how small.

All the best!

7th September

To find the results
1. go to
2. Press
3. Press on Quiet Club (for those sessions)
4. Press on the
date that you played and you will see the results page.
5. Press on your
names and you will see every board that you played. On the far right you will see how well you did in green for above 50% and red for under 50%
6. Press on the
board number if you want to see how others went on the board to work out what you did wrong
7. Press the
icon (M, but on some computers it is represented by another type of icon) at the far right to see a movie of how other tables played or defended the hand.
See the details how to use this in the previous News item.

This is an excellent way to learn more about the game and to refine your bidding and defending systems.

29th August

The results from last Friday onwards will have a new feature.
As usual press on your name on the Results page to see all the boards you played and how well you did on them. 

If you want to see how others managed to get one more trick or take the opponents off, you now
press on the symbol on the far right of that line and you will be taken to a page showing the hand and contract.  By pressing Next you will see how the hand was played. (Hint: First go to "Options" and choose "Advance card by card". This will allow you to press only once for each trick.)

28th August

I am getting more people who are now wanting to join in and play bridge.  They need to following the steps below. It would be good if you could direct your friends to this website.

For new people to join us, they will need to
tell me their BBO name so that I can put it into the database.  Otherwise they will be "blocked" by BBO.

21st August

There are some basic conditions for playing club sessions with BBO in Australia.

You need to be a
financial member of the ABF and you need to link your BBO name with your ABF number.

To check your membership status and to stop yourself paying twice for this current year, go to

It does not matter which ABF club you belong to bu
t as you are on this site you could pay your $20 form membership for just this year.

link your ABF number with your BBO name, it takes a few minutes to complete the form at

To check if you are indeed linked you can go to