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18th December 2023

Hello everyone,


I have not run an online session for some time but have kept the website functioning in case we might be locked down again.  However, despite the current rise in Covid cases there does not appear to be the political will for anymore lock-downs.


So, the Quiet Club will not be operating next year.  However, I will keep the website open for players to check their results for sessions at other clubs that I run. I might also write some articles about habits that players could adopt in order to avoid the director having to come to the table as often.


As you know everyone needs to pay an annual fee to be an active ABF member and continue to receive masterpoints.  If you play in clubs that are affiliated with the ABF, then you will definitely need to maintain an active membership.


As I will not be collecting any membership fees for next year, you will need to find another club to join, possibly one of the clubs you already attend.  


It will be easy for that club to transfer your membership.  You will then pay that club your annual fees.


Clubs are billed for their member’s national and state fees each year at the end of March. If you have not transferred by that date, I will assume that you no longer wish to continue your ABF membership and you will then be listed as inactive.



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