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I have been developing this website for the Quiet Club with the objective of providing a means to book and pay for upcoming sessions using a new platform called RealBridge. 


I intend to move from BBO to RealBridge in the near future. I will run practice sessions to allow everyone to experience the different platform, but I do not expect there to be much difficulty in changing systems.


RealBridge is a new platform developed in the UK and already it is in use in the UK, Europe and India.  The ABF will be using it shortly as well. 


I believe that the benefits will be: 


1. An opportunity to socialise as it uses video and audio, thus allowing you to see and hear your partner, the opposition and the Director. 


2. There are fewer dropouts as it uses computer to computer connections, rather than a connection through a server used by thousands of players.


3. It uses real names and so you will know who you are playing against.


4. We will revert back to more of a real-life format when bidding, e.g. alerting your partner’s bids (and not your own) and being easily able to ask questions about the opponents’ bids whenever it is your turn to call.


5. When you call the Director I will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen and I will be able to talk to you in order to sort out any issues.


5. You will pay in Australian dollars via the website and will not be subject to currency conversion costs as a result.


Most of you are already well versed in online bridge and this platform is designed to enhance the experience. The layout of the screen is a little bit different but it still involves pressing/clicking on the screen to select your bids and plays.


The only preparation required will be to activate your camera, microphone and speakers.


Go to RealBridge for more information:

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