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How to book into a session

Just as in face-to-face bridge you need to book into a session in advance.  You can do this in the week before the session date.

Both you and your partner need to book in so that each of you can pay for your session and so each will receive my email with the session link. 


1. Start by pressing on the "Book a Duplicate Session" button in this RealBridge section.

2. Click on "Book Now" under "RealBridge Duplicate session"

3. Click on "Today" if the current week is not showing.

4. Click on the time of the session you wish to play in, eg 1.00pm

5. Click on "Book In"

6. Fill out the form, including th name of your partnerTo locate your ABF number you can go to the ABF Masterpoint Centre site and lookup them up by search by your names.

7. Next press "Book it" and you will be taken to the payment page.


You will now receive a confirmation email that you are on the list for that session.

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