New feature to see how others did better than you.

Results from last Friday 27th August will have a new feature.

Click on your name to see how you went with each board. If there is one on which you did badly, click on the Board number.  You will see what others bid and scored. 


Now the new feature is found if you click on the symbol (normally an "M" for Movie) to the far right of each score.  You will be taken to a page the shows the hand and contract. 


When you press "Next" the first card played will be showed. Continuing to press "Next" you will see how the hand was played.


To reduce how many times you need to press "Next", you can press on "Options" and choose "Advance card by card". Then you will only have to press "Next" once per trick.

Have fun and I am sure you will learn a lot from reviewing your boards.

How do I setup a statement about my system?

There are two ways to do this.

(1) You can go to the Account Tab, and under your Real Name, there is a light grey "Other". You can type over this with a brief summary of your system, eg SA, Better minor, !NT= 15-17, weak 2s, Blackwood etc"


This will reduce the number of questions you get about your system.

(2) Another option is to write a message in Chat Manager. To do this click on the white section where messages appear and you will see a range of options, press "Chat Manager". Then you will see a line labelled Message.  Type your statement there and then press the Add button.

When playing, you can open up Chat Manager and press on your message, check that it is going to the Table, and then press Chat.

You could do this at the beginning of each round to introduce yourself and give a summary of your system, eg "Hi This is Sue and Jan, We play Standard American, Better minor, NT=15-17, weak twos, Blackwood, ...."

How do you ask your opponent about their bid?

If there is no explanation for a bid or you just want to check, you can ask by

(1) press on the bid - a bubble will appear that indicates to the bidder that more detail is required, or

(2) you can press on the player's name and then you can message them with a specific question, eg is this weak or strong?

The player who is questioned needs to answer about what the bid means in their system, NOT the exact nature of their current holding.

Messaging during a bridge session

I sometimes get messages that end up on my computer when the player meant the message to be received by everyone at the table.  

You need to change the direction of your message to Table  during a session.

If you have a PC, it is easy to fix as you just have to look to the left of the message line and press on the blue rectangle to choose "Table".

On an iPad, you can make use of the time at the end of the round, or wait until you are dummy to fix the problem.

You need to press the Message tab and then on the next screen press Chat at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is the word "Channel". Press on the line below and select Table

Help with revision of a session


If you want to see the BBO movies of your session in order to see how other tables scored better than you, go to

There will be a list of Quiet Club sessions. If you want to see the sessions from Alexander, RSY or MCC, you need to substitute the club number instead of 3441 to 3304, 3448, 3406 respectively.

Click on the session,

Click on your percentage (in blue)

You ca see how you played the hand by pressing "Movie" and you can see how others went on that hand by pressing on "Traveller".  If you would like to see how they played the hand, then press on their "Movie"

If you do this with your partner, then you will be able to refine you system and work out how you could have played or defended each hand better.

Other information sheets can be found at


The easiest way to get to the session is


Log into Bridgebase Online (BBO)

Press Virtual Clubs

Press Australia

Find the club name and press on the title

Then enter our partner's BBO name and press invite.  They need to be online at the time and they press Accept.

You should then be able to see your BBO names in the Entries.


If you need to get some more BBO money

press on this article  Purchasing BBO money