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Questions and Answers

1. When I am playing I am getting distracted by the movements of my partner or opponents. What can I do?

Answer: There is a button that looks like an eye on your name bar.  If you press it, then the video of all the other people at the table will be blackened and you will not be able to see them.  They will still see you.  Everyone will still be able to hear each other.

2. I am worried about how I might look on the video.

Answer: There are a couple of suggestions that I have. Firstly keep in mind that it is usually only your head and shoulders that will be showing.

You could set up your computer with the light behind you, so then your face will be darker than usual. Also if you were desperate, you could turn off your video by pressing the little symbol that looks like a movie camera. You will still be able to be heard.

3. I can hear distracting noise coming from someone's home.  How can I turn it off or reduce the level?

Answer: On the name strip for each of the players is a small speaker symbol.  If you press it you can see a slider that is usually all the way to the right (and so at the loudest level).  You can slide it to the left to reduce the volume.  However you will need to remember to bring the level up a bit when you are bidding, in case you need to hear an explanation of a bid.  

4. When I arrived at the session, I went to talk to a friend at Table 3.  Now I can see my partner is sitting at table 5.  How do I move over to Table 5?

Answer: You cannot just click on Table 5, you need to press the LEAVE button that will take you back to the LOBBY.  Then you click on the seat opposite your partner.

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