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RealBridge Etiquette

Playing bridge using RealBridge is very similar to playing bridge in person at our bridge club. Many of the social rules apply.


However it is tricky to gauge the impact of your environment on others when all sounds around you are transmitted to the three other rooms belonging to your partner and opponents.

At the bridge table, YOU WOULD NOT:

1. Have your phone on, look at messages or answer it when it rang and disturb the room.

2. Eat a meal at the table with crunching noises or slurp your coffee, etc.

3. Speak to other people near you in your environment while the round was on.

So while playing online using RealBridge you will NEED TO PREPARE for the session by:

1. Turning off your phone.

You do not want to be seen checking on your phone during the session in case others think you are communicating with your partner.

2. Playing in a quiet environment away from other members of the household, noisy pets, and street noise. (Noises from your environment will be heard by everyone at your table and will be disturbing to them).

3. Staying at the table during the round. You can excuse yourself after the cards are played to get yourself a drink, etc.

4. Remembering to turn off your audio if there are unexpected noises in your environment or if you realise that you might be a bit too noisy sipping your coffee, etc.  Thoughtfulness will be necessary.

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