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Once-only setup steps

You need to check your computer options as well as your camera and audio options.


Windows based computer or laptop: Good. Do not use older versions of Edge or Internet Explorer.

Mac Operating systems on laptop or computer: Good 


If you use Safari you need to go to Safari > Settings for the website...". In that window for RealBridge, select "Allow all auto-play" media, and set the camera & microphone permission to "Allow". 

Apple iPad - OK but has limitations of screen size

1. In the main iPad settings, set "Settings > Camera > Formats > " to "Most Compatible".

2. Hold the iPad horizontally to see more, especially the Chat area. If you miss a general message, you can click on the "chat" symbol to see the text, then you can Hide the chat.

3. By pressing the cogwheel on the playing page, you will be given several choices about settings.  If you choose the "Simplified Cards" in the Display Style area, then the cards will be darker and larger.  It will then be easier to press on them.

4. Acquiring a stylus for touching your bids or cards would also make it easier to play, with less chance of you hitting the wrong button with your finger.

Internet connections

If you have a weak connection you can turn off your camera and/or the incoming video to reduce bandwidth requirements.

When using an iPad, it increases the chances of being discontected if you walk around the house with it. It is best to keep it in th same place through the session.  (As an aside, in order to keep it upright you could put it in a book stand.)


How do I check my camera and microphone are working?

Go to

My device does not have a camera, do I need a webcam?

RealBridge does not require a webcam to run; you can play without being connected on video or audio calls. However, without video, the experience is compromised.

RealBridge works perfectly with inexpensive webcams, which are widely available online.

The last thing you need to do is to study the section called "Players" on the RealBridge website for more details about the screens and symbols that are used.

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